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Fresh seafood

NZ Greenshell mussels NZ Queen scallops
  Whole mussels live or frozen NZ Pipis
  Whole fresh retort pack NZ Little neck clams (Cockles)
  Frozen half shell mussels NZ King Salmon
  Raw frozen half shell K-pack mussels NZ Pacific oysters
  Frozen mussel meat   Whole live oysters
  Smoked and marinated mussels   Whole frozen oysters
    Plain   Frozen half shell oysters


Fruits and vegetables

Apples Tomates
  Pacific beauty Pears
  Royal gala Persimmons
  Fuji Snow peas
  Rose NZ Courgettes
  Queen NZ Witloof
  Red delicious Capsicum
  Braeburn Red potatoes
Carrots Kiwis
Onions Red onions
White potatoes Broccoli


Frozen products

Processed meat and fish Seafood
  Beaf/Veal   Squid/Octopus/Marina
    Beef meat patties     Squid Rings
    Beef meatballs     Squid Tubes
  Lamb/Mutton     Crumbed Calamari Rings
  Chicken     Marinara
    Chicken nuggets     Baby Octopus
  Fish   NZ Pacific oysters
    Fish nuggets     Whole live oysters
Ice cream     Whole frozen oysters
  NZ Natural     Frozen half shell oysters
  Killinchy Gold   NZ Saumon
  Zilch (No added sugar)   Prawns and crustaceans
  Lite licks (Dairy free)     Tempura prawn cutlets
Seafood     Crumbed prawn cutlets
  NZ Greenshell mussels     Prawn twisters
    Whole mussels live or frozen   Marinated butterflied prawns
    Whole fresh retort pack     Marinated prawn skewers
    Frozen half shell mussels     Crab meat
    Raw frozen half shell K-pack mussels   Finger food
    Raw mussel meat     Vegetable spring rolls
    Smoked and marinated mussels     Vegetable samosa
  NZ Commercial fish     Asian banquet box
    Brill     Surimi Sticks
    Gurnard   NZ Queen scallops/Clams/Pipis
    John Dory     NZ Queen scallops
    Orange Roughy     NZ Little neck clams (Cockles)
    Skate wings     NZ Pipis
    Red cod      
    NZ Sole    
    Lemon sole    


Retail products

Glacier Flavoured waters Barker's
  Orange   Jams, curds and marmalades
  Pineapple   Fruit spreads
  Mango   Chutneys
  Lychee   Syrups
  Peach Coconut milk
  Apple Canned rambutans
Manuka honey Sunflower oil



N°1 Family Estate
Sacred Hill
Mount Riley
Allan Scott
Crab Farm



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