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We developped relationships with fisheries and processed plants in order to supply a wide range of prawns and crustaceans.


You could find below our products catalogue :


Tempura prawn cutlets TEMPURA PRAWN CUTLETS

Prawn tails in a light tempura batter

Packing : 24 x 250g

Crumbed prawn cutletsCRUMBED PRAWN CUTLETS

Prawn tails in a light crispy golden crumb

Packing : 24 x 250g

Prawn twistersPRAWN TWISTERS

Prawn meat wrapped in a light filo pastry

Packing : 10 x 800g

Marinated butterflied prawnsMARINATED BUTTERFLIED PRAWNS

Prawn tails marinated with herbs and garlic

Packing : 24 x 250g

Marinated prawn skewers MARINATED PRAWN SKEWERS

Raw prawn meat marinated in either garlic and parsley, sweet chilli, honey jalapeno, kaffir lime or plain.

Packing : 10 x 400g

Crab meat CRAB MEAT

Packing : 20 x 500g


For all other crustaceans enquiries feel free to contact us.



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